The building

Stéphane Beel has designed a museum in which Raveel's art is very much at home.
The building itself forms a whole with the village in a manner that is surprising and diverting. It does not reject the village in any way. Indeed, the contrary is true for it has its own place within the whole and emphasizes this fact. Noticeably inconspicuous, open and yet closed, clear and yet with a quality of mysteriousness, it absorbs its surroundings as in a legible labyrinth of different spaces. It looks at the surroundings, allows them to permeate and withdraws into itself. Indeed, connoisseurs regard it as one of the architect's most fascinating and poetical works.

Roger Raveelmuseum 2

Raveelmuseum 1        

Raveelmuseum 3

Raveelmuseum int